The main direction of activity of our company is the organization of international air transportation with the provision of related services for customs clearance.

For the clients of the company we offer the following services:

 * Full service for integrated delivery of goods, incl. "from door to door";

 * Customs clearance of goods (export, import, customs transit, temporary import and export, escorting cargo for turnkey exhibitions, design for Carnet ATA, etc.), incl. consulting, preparation of documentation, coordination in customs authorities and other forces of staff of the company;

 * Well-established logistics on an extensive route network around the world in cooperation with partner airlines;

 * If necessary, participation in the process of customs clearance of an all-Russian customs representative, in the long-term partnership with which our company is located;

 * Providing services in the field of domestic logistics and customs clearance, thanks to representations in the largest cities of Russia.

And also handling of export and import cargo at airports in partnership with foreign airlines.

Our advantages:

 * Individual logistics design for each customer.

 * Direct tariffs from partner airlines;

 * Coverage of many airports in the country, including the Moscow airport and the air gates of the Northern Capital;

 * In many areas of air transportation fixed tariffs in rubles;

 * Professional partners around the world;

 * Highly qualified, experienced staff in the company staff.